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Stay Up On The Wall

Stay Up On The Wall Sermons Shanna D. Smith The walls shall be built, even in troublous times.

“Nehemiah understood that this was the enemy coming against him to cause him to sin, but Nehemiah refused to come down off the wall. He refused to put down his hammer. He refused to put down his weapon. He refused to leave that which he knew was his destiny, it was his purpose, it was his calling, it was his duty: being obedient, it was his stewardship, that he was not going to allow the enemy to make void the word of God.” (Smith, 22)

Garden of Eden (Eastward)

Garden of Eden (Eastward) Sermons Shanna D. Smith A river comes out on the East, from under the threshold of the house in heaven.

“You make the decision of who you will honor and worship, who you will bow down and give your life to: that you may live to everlasting life, that you may pass from death to life, in the name of Jesus. These are the four river heads that were parted because of the fall of man.” (Smith, 35)

Deceptive Leaves

Deceptive Leaves Sermons Shanna D. Smith The parable of the fig tree.

We provide all things honest with humbleness of mind by harvesting fruit to glorify Adonai Tzva'ot.

Robbed Investment

Robbed Investment Sermons Shanna D. Smith The parable of pounds.

The significance of preaching the baptism of repentance to our enemies.

The New Robe of Righteousness

The New Robe of Righteousness Sermons Shanna D. Smith The parable of the cloth.

We are encouraged to wear holy garments; having done away with the filthy garments, receiving a pure change of raiment.

Transformation Release

Transformation Release Sermons Shanna D. Smith The parables of the sower and the seeds.

We advance to the enlightenment of spiritual understandings through natural concepts.

Unseen Fermentation

Unseen Fermentation Sermons Shanna D. Smith The parable of leaven.

We learn how to consider our offences prior to the manifestation of unrighteousness; that we may abide a new lump and keep the mitzvot of matzah.

Consecrated Vow

Consecrated Vow Sermons Shanna D. Smith What is your vision?

Hannah was barren. Hannah was the wife of Elkanah, who was teased by Peninnah unto bitterness in soul but she poured out her complaint unto the Lord and went in the temple at Shiloh; where she made a petition to receive a man child. Hannah vowed to give her weaned child Samuel back to God, and received the priest’s blessing from Eli, and the next morning she conceived. Hannah had to step out from barren to fruitful. (Smith, 23)

Fully Restored

Fully Restored Sermons Shanna D. Smith Do you believe God sent His only begotten Son, Jesus? (who was born of a virgin, and died on the cross)

Mary was a virgin. Mary was espoused to Joseph of the house of David but overshadowed by the power of the Highest and was conceived of the Holy Ghost. Mary was highly favoured and blessed among women, receiving annunciation of vision and prophecy by the visitation of the angel Gabriel. Mary gave birth to a holy child in a manger, the mother of Jesus, who became her Saviour; witnessed His crucifixion, and received Him back again, by the love of God. Mary had to transform from virgin to mother of Jesus. (Smith, 36)

Cycles of Mercy

Cycles of Mercy Sermons Shanna D. Smith The parables of the potter and the clay.

Bringing into remembrance the tender mercies of God and the LORD’s desire for all souls to be saved.

Quickened by Waters

Quickened by Waters Sermons Shanna D. Smith What are you willing to sacrifice? (for a better life)

The Samaritan woman was religious. The Samaritan woman was of the descendants of Jacob, who drew water out of the well, who was an adulterous, who knew not what she worshipped. The Samaritan woman was audacious; the veil of Moses still blinding her eyes unknowing her hour of visitation. The Samaritan woman has an encounter with Jesus, who testified unto her people; who only believed when they saw the Messiah for themselves. The Samaritan woman became the first to receive the knowledge of the living fountain of waters by the revelation of Jesus Christ. The Samaritan woman had to step out from tradition to unity by the revelation of Jesus Christ. (Smith, 79)

Retrace Perception

Retrace Perception Sermons Shanna D. Smith Do you believe Jesus is the Christ?

The Syrophenician woman was untrustworthy. The Syrophenician woman was of Canaan, who came from the coats of Tyre and Sidon; the merchant city, who begged Jesus for her daughter to be healed; who was grievously vexed with a devil, but was rejected and ignored because she was treacherous by nature. The Syrophenician woman began to worship Jesus and sought mercy for her daughter; if only a crumb could be spared. The Syrophenician woman’s daughter was made whole from that very hour by the faith of the knowledge of God. The Syrophenician woman had to step out from vain to confession. (Smith, 70)

Hidden Miracles

Hidden Miracles Sermons Shanna D. Smith Do you believe Jesus is the Christ?

Elisabeth was barren and stricken in years. Elisabeth was of the daughters of Aaron, who was righteous and blameless before the Lord and God, who was the wife of Zacharias of Abia, the priest; whose prayer of intercession was answered at the altar of incense by the visitation of the angel Gabriel. Elisabeth conceived but hid five months and was then filled with the Holy Ghost, when her child John the Baptist leaped in her womb after the salutation of her cousin Mary, the mother of Jesus, the Christ. Elisabeth had to transform from void to fill. (Smith, 31)

Armored of God

Armored of God Sermons Shanna D. Smith What strength remains: when you've withstood all trials and tribulations; where boisterous are the storms, and lions, and giants are the norm, but the fight was never a battle that you begun?

“We are not deceived, we are not shaken, we are not moved, we are not perplexed: but we are steadfast in knowing the Word of God; knowing the will of God, knowing the power of His Christ, knowing the goodness of the Lord leadeth unto repentance, knowing God is not a man that He should lie, neither the Son of man that He should repent.” (Smith, 7)

Mysterious Treasure

Mysterious Treasure Sermons Shanna D. Smith The parables of the treasure hid in the field, a merchant seeking pearls, a net cast in the sea, and a householder man bringing old and new treasure forth.

“Life is a journey; an open capsule of possibilities. Life is a secret; hidden in obscure places. But when life is revealed: an intimate awakening declares for you to cast all on the altar, and decrees for you to obtain the promised inheritance, by the mysterious treasure in earthen vessels.” (Smith, 9)

JEW JEHOVAH's Election Witnessed

JEW JEHOVAH's Election Witnessed Sermons Shanna D. Smith A prayer of repentance.

Observing not location, not place, not nationality, not culture, not ethnicity, not race, but chosen Israelites of God. “We, who are Jew: having once been sinners, having once been backsliders, having once been unbelievers, having once been hell bound, but now having laid it all on the fiery altar of God; having confessed our sins.” (Smith, 11-12)

DNA Descent Nation Alter

DNA Descent Nation Alter Sermons Shanna D. Smith The parable of the candle.

Through the sufferings, persecutions, and tribulations of this world, we are the candlesticks on the lampstand, firmly set into place, whose light burns with the holy anointing oil of the Ruach HaKodesh.

Rebel Servant

Rebel Servant Sermons Shanna D. Smith What can you do to make reconciliation?

Jonah was rebellious. Jonah was the Hebrew son of Amittai, who feared the Lord God of heaven, who ran from the presence of God to Tarshish, who was cast into the sea and swallowed in the belly of a great fish for three days and three nights. Jonah cried out of his affliction, and was vomited out of the belly of the great fish on dry land. Jonah went to Nineveh to preach destruction upon the wicked city; which repented. Jonah was angry unto death because of the mercy and compassion of God. Jonah had to step out from disobedience to submission. (Smith, 58)

Opposing Passion

Opposing Passion Sermons Shanna D. Smith What would you do with a second chance?

Samson had a moral weakness. Samson was a Nazarite son of Manoah of Zorah, of the Danites, and his wife who was barren but birthed a miracle baby. Samson went down to Timnath, where the Spirit of the Lord came mightily upon him, who rend a lion with his bare hands; whose carcass had bees and honey, who became wearied by Delilah; who betrayed him into the hands of the Philistines; who bound him and put out his eyes. Samson slayed one thousand Philistines and by two pillars took out more Philistines in his death than his life; who was judge of Israel for twenty years. Samson’s strength was in his long hair because he ate no unclean thing nor drank no wine by the command of God. Samson had to transform from vulnerable to powerful. (Smith, 66)

Humble Descender

Humble Descender Sermons Shanna D. Smith What would you do with a second chance?

Naaman had leprosy. Naaman was a Syrian captain of the host of the king of Syria, who was a mighty man of valour, who the Lord delivered Syria but he had pride and was sent by the tidings of a little maid to a prophet, Elisha, in Samaria. Naaman refused to dip in the Jordan river, and went away in haste, but his servant plead him to obey, then he humbled himself and was made clean by the seventh. Naaman had to step out from conceit to abase. (Smith, 51)

Cry Radical

Cry Radical Sermons Shanna D. Smith What changes would you like to make in your life?

Bartimaeus was blind. Bartimaeus of Timaeus was a beggar, who heard Jesus was present in the vicinity of the highway side, and he began to cry out aloud spontaneously for mercy. Bartimaeus immediately cast away his filthy garments of excuse and hasted when he was called to come to Jesus. Bartimaeus asked to receive his sight and when he followed in the way he was made whole by the faith in the name of Jesus. Bartimaeus had to step out from piety to radical. (Smith, 60)

Second Press

Second Press Sermons Shanna D. Smith What would you do with a second chance?

A woman had an issue of blood, twelve years, spent all her living on physicians who made her worse. A woman with an issue of blood heard Jesus was nigh unto the Sea of Galilee but she pressed her way and was steadfast in her confession through the multitude of press. The woman with an issue of blood touched the hem of Jesus’ garment and was immediately made whole; she trembled knowing in herself, she was healed of the plague, and declared her cause unto Jesus from virtue by faith in God. A woman with an issue of blood had to step out from despair to desperate. (Smith, 39)

Barrier Breaker

Barrier Breaker Sermons Shanna D. Smith What do you believe about yourself?

Gideon was insecure. Gideon was the son of Joash the Abi-ezrite, who threshed wheat with all his might, who was visited of an angel of the Lord, face to face, and was doubtful because he was poor, and sought validation of his strength. Gideon saved Israel from the Midianites by 300 men, becoming a mighty man of war, who cast down his father’s idol and grove, and who built the altar of Jehovah-shalom by the peace of God. Gideon had to transform from anxiety to warrior. (Smith, 46)

Love Watch

Love Watch Sermons Shanna D. Smith What do you know about God?

The Good Samaritan was a traveler from Jerusalem to Jericho, who was a neighbor to a stranger; who fell victim of robbers and thieves, who had compassion on him, and came to him from his journey. The Good Samaritan was aide to his wounds and picked him up and sat him on his own beast. The Good Samaritan took him in under shelter to recover. The Good Samaritan was generous to cover the costs, even after his departure. The Good Samaritan had to step out from journey to assignment. (Smith, 62)

Greater Grace

Greater Grace Sermons Shanna D. Smith What changes would you like to make in your life?

Esther was a fair young virgin. Esther was a Jew of Persia, who was an orphan of Abihail but raised by her cousin Mordecai, and was in custody at Shushan palace for purification. Esther delivered the lives of her people from the plot of Haman, after receiving favor of king Ahasuerus, and became queen by the favour of God. Esther had to step out from fear to courage. (Smith, 26)

Life Revived

Life Revived Sermons Shanna D. Smith Do you believe God raised Jesus from the dead? (who ascended into the heavens and is alive for ever more)

Lazarus was a beggar and had sores. Lazarus was of Bethany, the brother of Mary & Martha, who laid at a rich man’s house with desire to be fed of the crumbs from his table. Lazarus died but was carried by angels into Abraham’s bosom, while the rich man was buried and opened his eyes in torments of hell. Lazarus had previously fell sick and was dead for four days, but was revived from the dead by Jesus. Lazarus had to transform from death to life by the power of the Holy Ghost. (Smith, 20)

You Can Be Found

You Can Be Found Sermons Shanna D. Smith What can you do to make reconciliation?

The prodigal son wasted all his inheritance on riotous living. The prodigal son went into a far country with his possessions but was broke and a mighty famine occurred in the land. The prodigal son considered his sin when he came to himself and returned to his father’s house, who welcomed him back home, and was forgiven for his wrong doings by the grace of the Lord. The prodigal son had to step out from blame to pardon. (Smith, 16)

The Merciful Salvation

The Merciful Salvation Sermons Shanna D. Smith “If thou wert grafted as a wild olive tree and plucked up by the roots.”

"I had asked the Lord, How can I witness to an unbeliever? Teach me and instruct me in your wisdom, for the Word says, “Be ye not unequally yoked with unbelievers, for what fellowship hath it?” (Paraphrased)”

Test of Faith

Test of Faith Sermons Shanna D. Smith What are you willing to sacrifice? (for a better life)

Job lost all he had and had a health crisis. Job was a man from Uz, who was an upright man but was accused by Satan and was tested by severe affliction of his substance, his family, and his life. Job was discomforted by his friends while he held fast his integrity, and received double for his troubles in the end by the mercies of God. Job had to step out from wealth to poverty. (Smith, 11)

Reflective Waters

Reflective Waters Sermons Shanna D. Smith What do you believe about yourself?

Moses had a speech impediment. Moses was a Hebrew son, who was born a slave but was flowed into a palace and was adopted by the daughter of Pharaoh, king of Egypt. Moses led the children of Israel out of the house of bondage through the Red Sea, and became a great leader under the hand of God Almighty. Moses had to transform from slave to servant of God. (Smith, 8)

Victim to Witness

Victim to Witness Sermons Shanna D. Smith What do you know about Jesus? Have you made Jesus your Lord and your personal Saviour?

A man in the tombs was possessed with a legion of an unclean spirit. A man in the tombs was a prisoner of death, who was out of control, who was unruly, who suffered deep and severe depression, and who was suicidal; cutting his wrists night and day with weeping. A man in the tombs was in great darkness until he looked up and beheld Jesus, and he hastened at the feet of Jesus and immediately began to worship Him. The man in the tombs was delivered of the unclean spirit and was clothed and renewed in his mind; who sought to follow Jesus away from the vicinity, however, he was commanded to go home, and stay in the territory of the Gadarenes; to be an example to those who are still in darkness for a witness to show the glory and will of God. The man in the tombs declared his deliverance to all in Decapolis by the power of God. A man in the tombs had to step out from sorrow to worship and transform from victim to witness. (Smith, 74)