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Victim to Witness

Victim to Witness Sermons Shanna D. Smith What do you know about Jesus? Have you made Jesus your Lord and your personal Saviour?

A man in the tombs was possessed with a legion of an unclean spirit. A man in the tombs was a prisoner of death, who was out of control, who was unruly, who suffered deep and severe depression, and who was suicidal; cutting his wrists night and day with weeping. A man in the tombs was in great darkness until he looked up and beheld Jesus, and he hastened at the feet of Jesus and immediately began to worship Him. The man in the tombs was delivered of the unclean spirit and was clothed and renewed in his mind; who sought to follow Jesus away from the vicinity, however, he was commanded to go home, and stay in the territory of the Gadarenes; to be an example to those who are still in darkness for a witness to show the glory and will of God. The man in the tombs declared his deliverance to all in Decapolis by the power of God. A man in the tombs had to step out from sorrow to worship and transform from victim to witness. (Smith, 74)

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