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DNA Descent Nation Alter

DNA Descent Nation Alter Sermons Shanna D. Smith The parable of the candle.

Through the sufferings, persecutions, and tribulations of this world, we are the candlesticks on the lampstand, firmly set into place, whose light burns with the holy anointing oil of the Ruach HaKodesh.

Rebel Servant

Rebel Servant Sermons Shanna D. Smith What can you do to make reconciliation?

Jonah was rebellious. Jonah was the Hebrew son of Amittai, who feared the Lord God of heaven, who ran from the presence of God to Tarshish, who was cast into the sea and swallowed in the belly of a great fish for three days and three nights. Jonah cried out of his affliction, and was vomited out of the belly of the great fish on dry land. Jonah went to Nineveh to preach destruction upon the wicked city; which repented. Jonah was angry unto death because of the mercy and compassion of God. Jonah had to step out from disobedience to submission. (Smith, 58)

Opposing Passion

Opposing Passion Sermons Shanna D. Smith What would you do with a second chance?

Samson had a moral weakness. Samson was a Nazarite son of Manoah of Zorah, of the Danites, and his wife who was barren but birthed a miracle baby. Samson went down to Timnath, where the Spirit of the Lord came mightily upon him, who rend a lion with his bare hands; whose carcass had bees and honey, who became wearied by Delilah; who betrayed him into the hands of the Philistines; who bound him and put out his eyes. Samson slayed one thousand Philistines and by two pillars took out more Philistines in his death than his life; who was judge of Israel for twenty years. Samson’s strength was in his long hair because he ate no unclean thing nor drank no wine by the command of God. Samson had to transform from vulnerable to powerful. (Smith, 66)

Humble Descender

Humble Descender Sermons Shanna D. Smith What would you do with a second chance?

Naaman had leprosy. Naaman was a Syrian captain of the host of the king of Syria, who was a mighty man of valour, who the Lord delivered Syria but he had pride and was sent by the tidings of a little maid to a prophet, Elisha, in Samaria. Naaman refused to dip in the Jordan river, and went away in haste, but his servant plead him to obey, then he humbled himself and was made clean by the seventh. Naaman had to step out from conceit to abase. (Smith, 51)

Cry Radical

Cry Radical Sermons Shanna D. Smith What changes would you like to make in your life?

Bartimaeus was blind. Bartimaeus of Timaeus was a beggar, who heard Jesus was present in the vicinity of the highway side, and he began to cry out aloud spontaneously for mercy. Bartimaeus immediately cast away his filthy garments of excuse and hasted when he was called to come to Jesus. Bartimaeus asked to receive his sight and when he followed in the way he was made whole by the faith in the name of Jesus. Bartimaeus had to step out from piety to radical. (Smith, 60)

Second Press

Second Press Sermons Shanna D. Smith What would you do with a second chance?

A woman had an issue of blood, twelve years, spent all her living on physicians who made her worse. A woman with an issue of blood heard Jesus was nigh unto the Sea of Galilee but she pressed her way and was steadfast in her confession through the multitude of press. The woman with an issue of blood touched the hem of Jesus’ garment and was immediately made whole; she trembled knowing in herself, she was healed of the plague, and declared her cause unto Jesus from virtue by faith in God. A woman with an issue of blood had to step out from despair to desperate. (Smith, 39)

Barrier Breaker

Barrier Breaker Sermons Shanna D. Smith What do you believe about yourself?

Gideon was insecure. Gideon was the son of Joash the Abi-ezrite, who threshed wheat with all his might, who was visited of an angel of the Lord, face to face, and was doubtful because he was poor, and sought validation of his strength. Gideon saved Israel from the Midianites by 300 men, becoming a mighty man of war, who cast down his father’s idol and grove, and who built the altar of Jehovah-shalom by the peace of God. Gideon had to transform from anxiety to warrior. (Smith, 46)

Love Watch

Love Watch Sermons Shanna D. Smith What do you know about God?

The Good Samaritan was a traveler from Jerusalem to Jericho, who was a neighbor to a stranger; who fell victim of robbers and thieves, who had compassion on him, and came to him from his journey. The Good Samaritan was aide to his wounds and picked him up and sat him on his own beast. The Good Samaritan took him in under shelter to recover. The Good Samaritan was generous to cover the costs, even after his departure. The Good Samaritan had to step out from journey to assignment. (Smith, 62)

Greater Grace

Greater Grace Sermons Shanna D. Smith What changes would you like to make in your life?

Esther was a fair young virgin. Esther was a Jew of Persia, who was an orphan of Abihail but raised by her cousin Mordecai, and was in custody at Shushan palace for purification. Esther delivered the lives of her people from the plot of Haman, after receiving favor of king Ahasuerus, and became queen by the favour of God. Esther had to step out from fear to courage. (Smith, 26)