Mysterious Treasure

Mysterious Treasure Sermons Shanna D. Smith The parables of the treasure hid in the field, a merchant seeking pearls, a net cast in the sea, and a householder man bringing old and new treasure forth.

“Life is a journey; an open capsule of possibilities. Life is a secret; hidden in obscure places. But when life is revealed: an intimate awakening declares for you to cast all on the altar, and decrees for you to obtain the promised inheritance, by the mysterious treasure in earthen vessels.” (Smith, 9)

JEW JEHOVAH's Election Witnessed

JEW JEHOVAH's Election Witnessed Sermons Shanna D. Smith A prayer of repentance.

Observing not location, not place, not nationality, not culture, not ethnicity, not race, but chosen Israelites of God. “We, who are Jew: having once been sinners, having once been backsliders, having once been unbelievers, having once been hell bound, but now having laid it all on the fiery altar of God; having confessed our sins.” (Smith, 11-12)

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