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Transformation Release

Transformation Release Sermons Shanna D. Smith The parables of the sower and the seeds.

We advance to the enlightenment of spiritual understandings through natural concepts.

Unseen Fermentation

Unseen Fermentation Sermons Shanna D. Smith The parable of leaven.

We learn how to consider our offences prior to the manifestation of unrighteousness; that we may abide a new lump and keep the mitzvot of matzah.

Consecrated Vow

Consecrated Vow Sermons Shanna D. Smith What is your vision?

Hannah was barren. Hannah was the wife of Elkanah, who was teased by Peninnah unto bitterness in soul but she poured out her complaint unto the Lord and went in the temple at Shiloh; where she made a petition to receive a man child. Hannah vowed to give her weaned child Samuel back to God, and received the priest’s blessing from Eli, and the next morning she conceived. Hannah had to step out from barren to fruitful. (Smith, 23)

Fully Restored

Fully Restored Sermons Shanna D. Smith Do you believe God sent His only begotten Son, Jesus? (who was born of a virgin, and died on the cross)

Mary was a virgin. Mary was espoused to Joseph of the house of David but overshadowed by the power of the Highest and was conceived of the Holy Ghost. Mary was highly favoured and blessed among women, receiving annunciation of vision and prophecy by the visitation of the angel Gabriel. Mary gave birth to a holy child in a manger, the mother of Jesus, who became her Saviour; witnessed His crucifixion, and received Him back again, by the love of God. Mary had to transform from virgin to mother of Jesus. (Smith, 36)

Cycles of Mercy

Cycles of Mercy Sermons Shanna D. Smith The parables of the potter and the clay.

Bringing into remembrance the tender mercies of God and the LORD’s desire for all souls to be saved.

Quickened by Waters

Quickened by Waters Sermons Shanna D. Smith What are you willing to sacrifice? (for a better life)

The Samaritan woman was religious. The Samaritan woman was of the descendants of Jacob, who drew water out of the well, who was an adulterous, who knew not what she worshipped. The Samaritan woman was audacious; the veil of Moses still blinding her eyes unknowing her hour of visitation. The Samaritan woman has an encounter with Jesus, who testified unto her people; who only believed when they saw the Messiah for themselves. The Samaritan woman became the first to receive the knowledge of the living fountain of waters by the revelation of Jesus Christ. The Samaritan woman had to step out from tradition to unity by the revelation of Jesus Christ. (Smith, 79)

Retrace Perception

Retrace Perception Sermons Shanna D. Smith Do you believe Jesus is the Christ?

The Syrophenician woman was untrustworthy. The Syrophenician woman was of Canaan, who came from the coats of Tyre and Sidon; the merchant city, who begged Jesus for her daughter to be healed; who was grievously vexed with a devil, but was rejected and ignored because she was treacherous by nature. The Syrophenician woman began to worship Jesus and sought mercy for her daughter; if only a crumb could be spared. The Syrophenician woman’s daughter was made whole from that very hour by the faith of the knowledge of God. The Syrophenician woman had to step out from vain to confession. (Smith, 70)

Hidden Miracles

Hidden Miracles Sermons Shanna D. Smith Do you believe Jesus is the Christ?

Elisabeth was barren and stricken in years. Elisabeth was of the daughters of Aaron, who was righteous and blameless before the Lord and God, who was the wife of Zacharias of Abia, the priest; whose prayer of intercession was answered at the altar of incense by the visitation of the angel Gabriel. Elisabeth conceived but hid five months and was then filled with the Holy Ghost, when her child John the Baptist leaped in her womb after the salutation of her cousin Mary, the mother of Jesus, the Christ. Elisabeth had to transform from void to fill. (Smith, 31)

Armored of God

Armored of God Sermons Shanna D. Smith What strength remains: when you've withstood all trials and tribulations; where boisterous are the storms, and lions, and giants are the norm, but the fight was never a battle that you begun?

“We are not deceived, we are not shaken, we are not moved, we are not perplexed: but we are steadfast in knowing the Word of God; knowing the will of God, knowing the power of His Christ, knowing the goodness of the Lord leadeth unto repentance, knowing God is not a man that He should lie, neither the Son of man that He should repent.” (Smith, 7)