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Shanna D. Smith Productions

“a vessel unto honour, sanctified and meet for the master’s use, and prepared unto every good work.”

— II TIMOTHY 2:21 King James Version

Shanna D. Smith, is an American singer, songwriter, producer, designer, and entrepreneur; founder of The Fruit of Righteousness Ministries.

Owner, CEO & Chief Creative Officer, author, editor, writer, and publisher of her memoir Poetry At Last imperfections of a perfect angel.

An artist of both visual and digital art, expanded in web, print, graphic, and traditional design. She has established an exquisite prototype in the blueprint of her first and only magazine. She is innovating in wisdom the positive of vanities under the sun. Comprising the elements of music, beauty, fitness, and sports, in an all inclusive production of art's intangible gifts. She is the epitome of entrepreneurship in creativity at her finest.

A prolific songwriter of nearly twenty years; arrayed in pure vesture of symphonies, embellished extractions of virtue, and timeless compositional skills. She is the prestigic complimentary vessel of her time.

A poetic lyric writer of over 3,000+ handwritten poems, spanning a decade worth of intimate expressions; many were destroyed in times past. The reserved collection of over 500+ poems are embodied in one memoir.



Encompassed in a world washed of innocence in purity, became a lost sheep, a prisoner of iniquity which bounded me. Through salvation from the Lord who strengthens me, I am redeemed in Christ Jesus and set free. My saving grace, the Almighty God, who breathed everlasting life, comforted me in a new spirit, and saved my soul. King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

God is eternal love.

For ever and ever.


(Smith, 11)

Innocence, vol. 1 2004-2005 "Lord God”

"So sweet Those memories That of what I just couldn’t see So nice It’s you that keeps me alive And I’m thankful everyday of my life So marvelous It’s you That of which Your holiness is so true And I Know you’re my sweet love And You Protect me from up above It’s just impossible For me to live If it’s not your Breath of air you give You were always The One beside me You never left me astray ‘Cause you care and I see Life on earth Is a gift ‘Cause of you I was lift In my darkest hours you were there To protect me And hear my prayers In the shadows I will not follow You’re my security Forever and tomorrow You’re my Shepherd I’m your sheep Forever my days Thou art with me Thy rod and staff Comfort me Thy Lord God Walks with me Even when problems Occur I turn to God For a lure" (Smith, 98)

Iniquity, vol. 2 2006-2009

"When they say you should change Could you abide you and stay strong When they mistreat you and call you out your name Could you shake it off and say they are wrong When the night is dark and day seems far Could you fix a smile and hold your head When they endeavor to falter you and tell you who you are Could you ignore them and not care to stand good stead When you are faced with adversity swimming in solitude Could you slay guilty consciousness to abide affirmative When you feel skepticism and having uncertainty of pulling through Could you keep the faith and believe to learn to live When the hour is yet still to come Could you relax and stress away relief When you feel that you are done Could you set aside all those thoughts and have belief When they constantly attack you Could you stand your ground and grow thicker skin When consistently they lack truth Could you grow up to know that you have potential to win When it’s you that gets ignored Could you carry on without anyone and still seek hope When it’s you that they all abhorred Could you surpass the negativity and succeed to cope" (Smith, 193)

Redeemed, vol. 3 2010-2015 "GOD gives the increase!"

"An hourglass with a time clock embedded Watering a precious seed in hopes to blossom a purpose that was planted Harvest is come! ‘Tis a season of greatness God has given the increase and permission my portion of plateness Preserving each promise by a collection of weeping tears Caught and sealed in the Holy vials that the Lord has poured to restore all years From guilt to gratitude not buried just yet Transformed by the experiences endured with the whole armour of God on my chest The helmet of salvation protecting all truth in righteousness Thankful for my soul in which the Lord has kept!" (Smith, 322)

Title: Poetry At Last imperfections of a perfect angel.
Description: Book, 358 p.
Dimensions: 8x10 in, 21x26 cm
Date of Publication: 2015-12-21
ISBN: 9781364697341

Rights and Permissions: Copyright © 2004-2015 by Shanna D. Smith, Shanna D. Smith Productions, The Fruit of Righteousness Ministries All rights reserved. In accordance with the U.S. Copyright Act of 1976, this book may not be reproduced in any form without written permission from the publisher; the scanning, uploading, and electronic sharing of any part of this book without the permission of the publisher constitute unlawful piracy and theft of the author’s intellectual property.

Many artwork pieces were donated to be used as educational instructive purposes, for future art students.

Title: Preserved Collections of Times Past artwork and writings a visual consolation
Description: Book, 242 p.
Dimensions: 5x8 in, 13x20 cm
Date of Publication: 2015-12-21
ISBN: 9781364617547

Rights and Permissions: Shanna D. Smith, Shanna D. Smith Productions & The Fruit of Righteousness Ministries, P.O. Box 691568, Tulsa, OK, 74169-1568, United States

Passion rooted in truth of some of the most telling genres from AIDS, poverty stricken Africa, to the psychological and behavioral epidemics, including racial and religious discriminations, to the intelligent Richter scale of scientific advancement, and educational assessments, to even the classical times past of the greatest composers in music history.


Water for the World

Water is essential for the well-being of all survival in life. The limited access to safe water, adequate sanitation, and proper hygiene has brought threatening repercussions to the health of ecosystems and humans worldwide. The rapid growth of populations, urbanization, land use, and industrial discharge of chemicals, with the ever growing climate change, has left developing countries deteriorated. (Smith, 121)


The Vague Destruction of IED

The destruction is obvious, what tends to be vague is the meaning of IED, whether it’s a true mental illness or the pure ignorance of human common sense. Intermittent Explosive Disorder is the new diagnosis of road rage, or is it just a plain excuse to act out unaccordingly? (Smith, 95)


The Stereotypical Epidemic of Women

The impact that American pop culture has on both the gender and mentalities of women is an epidemic of stereotypes that grants the ability to think, and act in a certain way that is unjust. The categories that pop culture presents to the portrayal of being true are not. The media has shoved the likes of Hollywood and Madison Avenue into the lives of all Americans, to idolize an imitation that does not exist. Female stereotypes are developed, and spread from American pop culture to the American society by four typical forms, advertising, television, movies, and the entertainment industries. (Smith, 83)


Nuclear War

The greatest threat to global security is nuclear war (terrorism). There are two types of nuclear warfare; limited and full-scale. The history of nuclear war dates back to the atomic discovery by Leucippus in 500 BC to Einstein’s theory of relativity. Thus, it will bring us to the present day with the Nuclear Security Summit. What is nuclear war? Nuclear war is a military conflict or political strategy in which nuclear weapons are used. Nuclear warfare is vastly more destructive in range and extent of damage. The two types of nuclear warfare are limited and full-scale. Limited nuclear war refers to a small scale use of nuclear weapons by one or more parties. It would apply to any limited use of weapons, which may involve military or civilian targets. On the contrary, full-scale nuclear war consists of large numbers of weapons used in an attack aimed at an entire country. It would seek to destroy the entire economic, social, and military infrastructure of a nation. (Smith, 59)


The Buried Secrets of the Bible

The Buried Secret’s of the Bible, seeks to answer the questions, of where the Hebrew Bible came from? Who created and wrote the book? How did this lead to the emergence of religious faiths Judaism, Christianity, and Islam? How did this alter the polytheistic beliefs, into monotheism? The uncovering, of the archaeological evidence of the derivation, and creation of the Hebrew Bible, and its authors, dates back to 3,000 years ago, and centuries of endeavored effort to answer the underlining questions. The colliding of evidence from biblical and historical landmarks, establishing the foundation and fundamental events that lead to the inscription of the scrolls, laws, and rules of the Old Testament to the complete text that became the first five books of the Hebrew Bible, (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy), to the destruction of idols and images, and the concluded belief and worship in only one God. The first alphabet believed to be of the Hebrew (Israelites), laid the foundation for the factual encrypting on the Dead Sea scrolls and the completion of the Hebrew Bible. The location and sites of the House of David, and Solomon’s Temple, revealed both their existence to of been true, and for the Israelites, laid a monumental distinctive landmark of the felted presence of God (Yahweh). Uncovering the cause and effect of the Babylonian exile, to the freedom of the Israelites out of Egypt via way of Moses, and the never-ending questions to the reason and meaning of importance behind the secret’s of the Bible. (Smith, 115)

Title: Preserved Collections of Times Past artwork and writings a visual consolation
Description: Book, 242 p.
Dimensions: 5x8 in, 13x20 cm
Date of Publication: 2015-12-21
ISBN: 978136461754

Rights and Permissions: Shanna D. Smith, Shanna D. Smith Productions & The Fruit of Righteousness Ministries, P.O. Box 691568, Tulsa, OK, 74169-1568, United States